Viral Drinks – 001 & 002

It’s November. How about you pull up a seat for a moment. We need to talk.

In This Episode: First, an apology for the lack of new episodes. We have a ton of interviews and you’ll be hearing a new Musical Rations, new episodes of Radio DMG, and more in the future. Area DMG tends to eat up a ton of time. We’ve put out over 300 videos on that YouTube Channel. We’re building a quick backlog of Radio DMG Episodes and those will start showing up each week while we place all sorts of pieces into place. Second, what is Viral Drinks? Please check out the story behind these in the next paragraph!

A few months back, I was hired by a company to do Bar Quizzes as a Quizmaster. I don’t like just making a playlist and hitting shuffle. I’m lazy but I’m not that lazy. Do not ask me about my NaNoWriMo. I also like to have control of things and the order they play. You see, I’m a message driven person and a bit of a romantic. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these quizzes, I would be cutting in and out of the musical selection during asking questions or doing specific audio rounds. Someone participating in these quizzes will never hear the whole mix and the Musical Rations are generally a bit different than what your general bar patron may be used to hearing. All Musical Rations have a story inside them and these “Viral Drinks” are no different. I got the idea when I completed that one Musical Rations that was all what I consider to be “pop” music. Since these particular quizzes are supposed to be under two hours, I decided to make these mixes 2 and a half hours long, fill them with music that you might hear on the radio or in the background at a bar. Except that this is the best bar. Well, this is the best bar for me, so you’re going to hear a coherent, for the most part, theme throughout these mixes. Just as Musical Rations is intended for working out, walking, driving, and relaxing.. Viral Drinks (VD, get it?) are intended to be something a bit like that. It’s like listening to a popular radio station.. except it doesn’t suck. So, these are coded for each month. The first being October 2016 and the second being November 2016. Just like Musical Rations, these are monstrously sized because I refuse to let them drop under 320KBPS. Why on Earth would I do that? Oh! I’m also going to explain these mixes too. I’m going to start explaining Musical Rations as well.

October 2016 is the first mix and it clocks in at two and a half hours and about 368 MB. The subtitle for this mix is “Choices” and the music centers around the idea of bad choices like bullying and pushing other people away from you. October is National Bullying Awareness Month and this set of songs all have something to do with the idea of abusive relationships and reconciliation or regret. There’s a lot here about social pressure and just drinking yourself into a bad situation. I do want to note that the first bit of music, the theme to my favorite anime OVA/TV series, is one of the few constants between these mixes. The other constant is that the last song before the “ending ditty” will be a variation of that one song that bars like to use to clear people out. YOU know which song I mean and you probably hate the original just as much as everyone. Please enjoy this mix responsibly.

November 2016 is the second mix and it clocks in at two and a half hours and about 371 MB. The subtitle for this mix is “Changes” and the music tells the story of several young couples growing up in a world ruled by a corrupt government that is constantly in an ever escalating war intended to reduce population size that they continually try to distract that victim population from noticing. This is heavily dependent on the lyrics in these songs as the couples in the mix deal with the ins and outs of love and the eventuality of an apocalypse. Of course, if the couples survive is up to your interpretation. I like to believe that they do and that they pick up the pieces of their fallen cities and begin anew. Actually, this mix heavily implies very specific turns of events. If you know the names of the songs, you’ll get it and the lyrics will make it very clear as to the narrative of this particular mix. So, a warning I suppose. Please enjoy this mix responsibly.

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