Welcome to RADIO DMG!

Sit down, make some tea, take off your clothes, and enjoy this explanation of what we are ABOUT on this site! This also serves as a disclaimer.

What is Radio DMG?

  • Radio DMG is an audio program available for free on the internet.
  • Radio DMG is mostly safe for work, unless otherwise noted.
  • Radio DMG is about Portable Video Games, Animation, Counter Culture, and more!
  • Radio DMG is a spin-off site of dmgice.com that uses media and a blogging style to seduce you.
  • Radio DMG is high in every kind of vitamin.
  • Radio DMG is part of your daily intake of DMG Ice content.

Now that you know about Radio DMG, what can you do here?

  • You can bookmark us and the bookmark DMG Ice. When a new show is uploaded here, we announce it on DMG Ice. DMG Ice is the hub site from which this long, wonderful tentacle of a site protrudes.
  • You can listen to the awesome shows in our archives.
  • You can check us for random blog-spam stuff and breaking Newsity.
  • You can follow DMG Ice on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and Youtube as well.
  • You can love us and visit our friends as well.

There you have it! That is what this site is about in as simple and concise a note as possible. We love you and we only ask for you to be aware of a few things.

  • Radio DMG has a CLASSICAL CONSERVATIVE bias. This means that we are a weird conglomperation of Federalism, Libertarianism, Randist Objectivism, Modern Apologetics, and common sense.
  • If you are under a certain age (depending on your location) you MUST get your parents permission before viewing this website or listening to the content in our shows.
  • We make up words all the time and without an apology. We are not responsible if you start saying words like: Newsity, Conglomperation, Retaintative, Swifty, and Studient.
  • The views and opinions expressed in Radio DMG may may not be the views and opinions of the DMG Ice family of site.
  • Any copyrights, copyrighted material, or trademarks mentioned or referenced in Radio DMG are the respective intellectual property of their respective original owners. No copyright infringement is ever intended or implied.
  • The information provided in Radio DMG is for entertainment purposes only and we are not responsible for how you or anyone else may use the information provided by shows like 100% Newsity, Holding the Bridge, Viral Speak, Glorious Excess, Radio DMG, and so forth.
  • Everyone featured in our audio interviews has consented to be recorded and their opinions belong to them.
  • We do not edit our shows unless there is a specific request at the time of the recording to edit anything in the show. Requests for edits that are not day and date of the recording will be ignored.
  • There may be items hidden after a show. This never happens. NEVER. N E V E R.
  • We love you. Now go and enjoy the website!

And now I have a picture of a rabbit.


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