You like us right?

You want to help us, right?

Here are the things that you -our army of supporters- should know about us.

  • The content on Radio DMG has always been FREE and may remain that way.
  • The content on DMG Ice has always been FREE and may remain that way.
  • We hate banners, pop-unders, pop-overs, and other advertisements.
  • However, a website needs money to live.

Radio DMG and DMG Ice require at least $500 a year for all of the hosting, web space, and general business expenses. DMG Ice is a small business that pays taxes and we have been around for over a decade. Area DMG, Radio DMG, and all the others in the DMG Ice family are part of the service we provide you. We seek to entertain you with videos, music, pictures, information, news opinions, and more.

$500 is the maximum we actually need. DMG Ice is run very strictly and budgeted very tightly. We literally run the family of sites on less than $2 a day of expenses. Compared to sites like Giant Bomb or Kotaku, we get by very cheaply and are proud of it. Anything over $500 would end up going toward buying better equipment like video cameras, microphones, sound mixers, better sound software, more servers, food for Squishy, getting to conventions, and even helping to expand our content. The more that we receive, the more we can give.

So, where do you -our reader- come in? You are the catalyst that makes things happen. You are the terror that flaps in the night. You are the happy venture capitalist who funds greatness. We have several ways for you to do this too!

  • You can send money to us DIRECTLY and ANONYMOUSLY via PayPal.
  • You can also sponsor us directly by contacting Philip Wesley at philip AT dmgice DOT com and asking about promoting your site or product via an audio commercial on the Radio DMG show. People do check out previously recorded shows, they share shows, they listen to shows with friends. If it’s a particularly great show, they may even listen to it multiple times. We help develop mind share and mind share is incredibly important to your future.
  • We can also help you directly outside of the DMG Ice family of sites. We provide marketing formulation, trend analysis, consultation, discreet weakness study, and other specialty services. Put the words WISE AKELA in the subject line if you e-mail us about these services. Alternately, you can also add Philip Wesley to your LinkedIn and ask directly for pricing.

That is all you need to know from this page! We will eventually add graphics to show where we are in each budget year. We will also set out other goals, auctions, and even merchandise for you to purchase!

Thank you for your time,

Philip Wesley & The Staff of the DMG Ice Family of sites!

P.S. Squishy needs to eat. Please consider donations for the sake of Squishy.

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