Musical Rations 25 & 26 – A Double Header!

So, do you like Musical Rations?

Of COURSE you do. Do you want to download some sweet new ones that cater to all sorts of weird tastes?


Episode 025 (282MB)The Bubblegum Pop Indie Movie Soundtrack Garbage Mix – This very unusual episode of Radio DMG clocks in at two hours of what Radio DMG would sound like if it we completely sold out and did the soundtrack to Wes Anderson movies. No seriously, there is a narrative to Musical Rations. Every single one of them has a theme and a thoroughfare “plot” to them. Close your eyes and think of whimsical situations. Yes. I consider Chris Clark to be “pop” music when I write this out. Seriously, there’s Lights, Scattle, and Auquid. We’re incredible sell outs.

Episode 026 (289MB)Crunchy AND Uncomfortable – A return to painful formula in this episode! It’s crunchy because it’s really full to the brim with delicious squares and triangles. Also, there are some tracks that may, or may not, barely qualify as music. All of this with some deep and unsettling tension brewing in the subtext. Some of this is sublime. Just let it take you where it wants to go. DO NOT question the mix. Just let it happen to you.

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