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Make sure you check out AREA DMG for more video content!

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Radio DMG VS Episode 001

Did you know that we have a YouTube show as well? Here’s the first episode! So, yeah. We’re going to be embedding Area DMG content on this site as well. That way, you can be mostly caught up on ANY … Continue reading

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Musical Rations Episode 17: “Marshmallow”

In This Episode: The new schedule is one new show a week, at least. We had a UDP DDOS attack this last week which was annoying. Here is the e-mail we got from our server guardians. Just click on it … Continue reading

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Musical Rations 015: “Hero of Legend”

Has there really been this many of these things already? I rather enjoy making them for…. myself. This one is an especially interesting one that has no real reason for being released on the same day as some game called … Continue reading

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