Musical Rations 015: “Hero of Legend”

Has there really been this many of these things already? I rather enjoy making them for…. myself. This one is an especially interesting one that has no real reason for being released on the same day as some game called Hyrule Warriors. It’s certainly not related at all….

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In This Episode: Okay, I lied. It’s a complete hour (please believe that) of The Legend of Zelda related music! There are no bits of music from any of the Legend of Zelda games, so it’s entirely the work of fans and professionals alike. Yes, it’s a celebration of The Legend of Zelda. So, you can use this to listen to while questing for a healthier you! Remember, these are intended to be listened to while you exercise. How else are you going to save Hyrule? This was actually kind of tough to do because 75% of remixes or covers of The Legend of Zelda music are almost ALL the same three or four tracks. Seriously, there are creative and interesting to listen to compositions, but I had to dig for them. But I strapped on my Mole Gloves and went to work for you in the mines. Sadly, I was disappointed by the lack of proper Fire Emblem X Legend of Zelda musical mash-ups. For shame! Also, the amount of crude raps and terrible “musicals” didn’t end up in here. I have more respect for my fellow Musical Rations Exercise Buddies than to do that. This is all a great mix of move quickly and cool down music. It’s all good.

MP3 (286MB): It’s Cuccos for quality!
M4A in a ZIP (114MB): Save your bandwidth rupees!

“Yet no one noticed the Moon…”

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