Radio DMG Episode 38: “Resetting.”

Well! There has been a bit of a delay before new episodes. Lucky YOU.

But your luck had to run out eventually and now there is a NEW EPISODE OF RADIO DMG. It is FIVE HOURS LONG and perfect for the Holiday drives or your flights! It’s full of wonderful and interesting lectures from the Summit on Anime in North America. All you have to do is click on through. Bwa ha ha!

Okay! Here’s the rest of the information on this! It has three speakers and an almost two hour long round table. If you are interested in the anime industry at all or you want to broaden your mind vessels by listening to professors and pioneers of the animation world. GET THIS IN YOUR BRAIN!

MP3(273MB): Here you go! Delicious!

00:00 to 00:47 – Opening Theme
00:48 to 01:28 – Foreplay
01:29 to 54:11 – SANA Feature: Ian Condry
54:12 to 01:52:08 – SANA Feature: Kevin McKeever
01:52:09 to 02:52:51 – SANA Feature: Jerry Beck
02:52:52 to 02:53:42 – Intermissionary
02:53:43 to 04:57:11 – SANA Feature: ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION
04:57:12 to 04:58:20 – Afterglow
04:58:20 to END – Ending Theme

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