Musical Rations 23: Fraying Forgotten Fictives

In This Episode: It’s been a while since we’ve had a NEW Musical Rations episode and this two hour long mix is extra crunchy! I want to mention something about Musical Rations. All of the episodes have a theme of some sort and usually everything inside of the episode fits into that theme in some sort of way. Actually, I kind of dare people to go back through and figure the previous episodes out. Sometimes the theme is obvious, more recently, the theme most certainly is NOT obvious. These are intended for walking or just relaxing, closing your eyes, and taking in all the emotions of the music to see what it says to you. Happy Halloween by the way! Also, may I suggest Musical Rations as decent writing background music for the upcoming NaNoWriMo?

#Halloween2015 #MusicGHOULrations

The world ends with this MP3(284MB): There is magic here.

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Swing for the fences.

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