Holding The Bridge: Episode 002: “The Second That Matters”

In This Episode: The second episode and it’s opinion, context, and weird musical numbers. So, I think we need to discuss that. There are also Editor’s Show Notes to mention and those are after the leap. This is about an hour of Dr. Philip Wesley gathering some thoughts and placing some context with some musical interludes. This might be controversial, so listen to all of it.

#SecondAmendmentContext #MotivesMatter

Lock this MP3(155MB): Keep it ready. Keep it loaded.

Editor’s Notes/Addendum: Adam Lanza committed suicide. Mainly because he didn’t want to get caught or shot. There are many other shooters who commit “suicide by police” by engaging in a shoot out. Only reason that James Holmes did not get shot was that he was shocked by the speed at which the police arrived.

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At the end of the day, your actions, and their consequences, are your own.

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