Musical Rations 20: “Vanity Revengence” + Radio DMG Rewind

In This Episode: We make no excuses for the FACT that Musical Rations is just my own selfish walking/running mixtapes available for you. And for the 20th episode of Musical Rations, I decided to jam in a lot of my favorite parts from the previous 19 episodes into one three hour long mix of old + new. So, this should be the back ground music of your life, probably. Also included in this post is a link to the latest Radio DMG Rewind, which is our A-Kon 2012 interview with Vic Mignogna. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to the chopper! By chopper, I mean downloading or streaming and listening.

Radio DMG Rewind: Spend some time with Vic!

Musical Rations (417MB): Please Consume This Gently.


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