Radio DMG Episode 049: “In which a heart is broken.”

In This Episode: We had all sorts of rough technical issues, but here we are. Third week of weekly Radio DMG shows and it’s.. not a happy episode. To be honest, when recording it.. I did not think it was very good. When I listened to it after finishing it, I realized that it.. was okay. It’ll be okay. I don’t have much to say about the episode here anymore, so please click on through to get the download link. We will see you next week, or maybe even sooner.

#HeartOfAGamer #RIPIwata

Here is the episode in MP3 format: Download it Directly (69MB)


Here is the Facebook post we had with more detail on our thoughts about the passing of Iwata.

Satoru Iwata has passed away from complications with a bile duct growth at age 55. He leaves behind his wife, Kayoko and his funeral will take place on July 17th, 2015.

Satoru Iwata began his love of programming and game development with early calculators. He ended being one of the first people working at HAL Laboratory and eventually became the president of that company. They (HAL Laboratory) started working with Nintendo to fix a game called Pinball for the Famicom (NES). His company, HAL Laboratory, created Balloon Fight, developed the Mother (Earthbound) series, and (along with Masahiro Sakurai) developed the Kirby series. Iwata was one of the first, crucial investors and supporters of a small fledgling company called Creatures Inc., which would go on to create the Pokemon Franchise. Satoru Iwata was there to push forward the changes needed to recoup Nintendo’s losses from the Game Cube and successfully develop the Wii and the Nintendo DS. He heralded a new era of Nintendo involvement DIRECTLY with their fans through his “Iwata Asks” developer interviews and the “Nintendo Direct” format. He also oversaw the development of the future of Nintendo with the DeNA Mobile partnership, the Universal Theme Park agreement, and the upcoming Nintendo NX.

Satoru Iwata brought a sense of humanity to Nintendo. The previous president Hiroshi Yamauchi was known for being tough and cold, but Satoru Iwata presented a more approachable and nicer way of doing business for Nintendo. Under his guidance, Nintendo took incredible risks and developed new franchises and NEW ways of playing games. While the road wasn’t always easy, Satoru Iwata kept Nintendo steady. He is one the reasons that we don’t just like Nintendo. We LOVE Nintendo. Under Iwata, we got to learn more about the people behind the games we love. He really opened up the Creator side of Nintendo. He is also responsible for some of the more interesting and creative “memes” attached to Nintendo. (Please Understand. Iwata Drop The Bomb. “Laughs.”) He’s more than just a CEO, he’s our friend. He poured his blood, sweat, and tears into making and producing many of the games we have invested our time, money, and emotions into playing for so many years. He didn’t just make games to make money, he made them because he wanted to show us the things he enjoyed and thought we would enjoy them too. Satoru Iwata has left an indelible imprint on the soul of gaming and we will miss him greatly.

In the interim, Nintendo has two Representative Directors who will oversee the company until a replacement is appointed. Those people are Genyo Takeda (Punch-Out!! Star Tropics) and Shigeru Miyamoto (Super Mario Bros. The Legend of Zelda).

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