Musical Rations 19: Look Out. Look Forward. (Plus Radio DMG Rewind)

In This Episode: Hey! What’s a superb way to start your day? Getting down to the business of being awesome. And right now, we are going to be awesome. This is the first Musical Rations episode to officially be the new “size,” which is two hours of sweet goodness for your daily walks, bike rides, wandering, exercising, and general stuff like that. Turn On. Tune In. Look Out. Look Forward. Also, check out the YouTube Area DMG for the latest Radio DMG Rewind! Both Links are past the leap.

Radio DMG Rewind: Vic Mignogna

Musical Rations (280MB MP3): Place this in your brain.

What happened to the “lite” links? Well, you can make them in iTunes or other programs. Looking at the download records, the larger links are more popular. Still want them? Let us know in the comments below. Also, there are a ton of excellent artists in this Musical Rations episode! Here are the names of some of the artists in this mix: Animal Style, 6955, Zircon, The Paper Highway, aivi & surasshu, Knife City, Yuzo Koshiro, Neblix, Nullsleep, and so many more talented people/machines!

Also, that’s the new interchangeable top graphic. We’ll do special graphics when we feel like it.

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Someday, we will find her truth, tragic as it may be.

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