Musical Rations Episode 018: “Snow Level”


Wait.. it’s almost Easter. Umm.. this is the Christmas episode that took forever because it is really difficult to put together a Christmas music episode that I would actually listen to. There is also the matter of what type of Christmas feel I want in the show. I could make it all chiptune versions of Christmas Carols.. but that has been done. Most “anti-Christmas” play lists are boring too. So, I wanted to pack this two hour mix with a lot of indie artists and Christmas “experiences” for the listeners. So, I mostly resisted the urge to be silly by mixing up a decent amount of secularist issues and proper nods to what the modern holiday actually means. Yes, this is being released around Easter and I will not apologize for that. There are only three times in the year that Christmas songs are really acceptable: Christmas, EASTER, and July. A lot of early “Christmas Carols” end up at the Cross in their later verses. Which is intentional and important to the message of Christmas. You can not discuss the Nativity without the Crucifixion. Well, you could; but it would do a disservice to WHAT the Nativity means for Christians.  Yes, I left out a ton of well known Christmas songs in favor of being kind of obscure-ish. You won’t find “Baby it’s Cold Outside” in this mix, but you will find “Cead Mile Failte Romhat A Iosa Iosa” in here! What. No, seriously. Also, no Christmas Island or Grandmothers being run over by reindeer.

The good thing? Well, now I can get to doing OTHER things. If you want to know the play list, I’ll post it on ‘ello. Like I say, usually, I don’t own the rights to any of this music and this is pretty much just my walking around/fitness playlist with holiday flair. So, load up your musical playback device and go for it! I will do a more winter-y mix at some point that isn’t about Christmas. Maybe.

So, how about that Krampus, huh? Sure…

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