The First Season of Musical Rations! (Episodes 1 – 12)

Well, we hit Episode 12 of Musical Rations!

such right

That would be a “season” of Musical Rations and we decided to go ahead and make the first twelve “episodes” available in one handy set for the low price of absolutely free. Remember, Musical Rations are made with love for the music inside of them and made specifically for me. They are best with -really- bass heavy headphones and are good for exercising to. The first seven episodes are about 30 minutes, episodes from eight onwards are about 60 minutes long and episode 12 is over 180 episodes long. For the next season, all episodes will be an hour long with the occasional two or three hour long episode. We will continue with “themes” for each episode as well. If you stay past the credits, you hear the name of the theme.

Hop on in!

The M4A files are in ZIP files and -like their MP3 siblings- are also in 320KBPS.

Enjoy these!

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