Radio DMG Episode 039: “Bravely Threesome.”

Here is the latest episode!

In This Episode: We were going to do one interview, but instead, THREE interviews! Oh, Rito Revolto is the thing we were talking about early in the interview. Bryce is the voice of Tiz in Bravely Default and did an awesome job at that. He’s also in that Vita bear game that I can’t spell! There is also Leah Clark and Cherami Leigh in this episode! So, please enjoy it!

MP3(62MB): Here it is, Airy! Keep pressing X!

Time Stamps are kind of a luxury. Sorry! Bwa ha ha!

Also, wow. These were fun. Also, a few notes: People should totally book Bryce for their conventions. He’s super fun. Also, next time we interview Leah Clark, we have to get totally dirty. She runs a fairly filthy podcast and it’s pretty hilarious. But yeah, this should be more scandalous because of the title. I guess you’ll just have to imagine there is all sorts of audio nudity in here. Sorry. BWA HA HA.

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