Radio DMG Episode 34: “A Legacy of Latency.”

dinoofficeradiodmgWhy yes! It is! Click below for details!

In This Episode: We do a really short mention about the newsity and then we have an interview with Andrew Mark of Legacy Action Comics from Animeland Wasabi 2013. We have hours of other content too; but I will be putting some of those in a Glorious Excess episode in the future. For now, just this interview. So, there we have it! My apologies for the lateness of this thing. I’m VERY SORRY. (Please Understand.)

MP3(45.8MB): Click to download!


  • 00:00 to 01:56 = Opening Theme
  • 1:57 to 02:58 = Foreplay/Newsity
  • 02:59 to 33:14 = Musical Ration A (Theme: Danger)
  • 33:15 to 01:38:39 = Legacy Action Comics Interview
  • 01:38:40 to 01:39:11 = Afterglow
  • 01:39:12 to END = Ending Theme

Just Keep Swimming.

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