Radio DMG Episode 33: “Flipping the Party Phoenix”


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In this episode: Three more interviews and stuff. Also, time stamps are in full effect. In fact, I suggest skipping the Newsity if you don’t want minor (and major) spoilers on a few games. In the future, we will split spoilers into their own sections so that I can gush about some games in explicit detail. We are all about explicit detail. If you love the Musical Rations, you can download them individually! The third Musical Ration is too small to be it’s own thing, so it has been included in the second one.

MP3(78MB): Click to download!

Time Stamps

00:00 to 00:51 = Opening
00:52 to 02:18 = Foreplay
02:19 to 51:43 = Newsity (Also SPOILER HEAVY)
51:44 to 1:09:07 = Chris Cason Interview
1:09:08 to 1:40:13 = Musical Ration A (Theme: Calm)
1:40:14 to 2:08:47 = Lolita Dark Interview
2:08:48 to 2:27:22 = Musical Ration B (Theme: Controversy)
2:27:23 to 2:46:02 = Patrick Seitz Interview
2:46:03 to 2:47:58 = Mini-Musical Rational C (Theme: Meme)
2:47:59 to 2:48:58 = Afterglow
2:48:59 to END = Ending Theme



Well, of course I will touch the Tendrils.

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