Radio DMG Episode 29: “Con-O-Copia”

Okay! Here’s the thing. FINALLY. Here’s the episode! Just click on through.

In this Episode: We (Just Philip mostly) go on for over three and a half hours. Topics discussed are as follows: E3, A-Kon, Denver Comic Con & Literary Conference, the Aurora Shooting, and there are lots of interviews in here. How many interviews? FIVE. Yeah. FIVE INTERVIEWS. We interview the following people: Quinton Flynn, Greg Wiseman, Vic Mignogna, Kyle Herbert, and Cherami Leigh. Is that not enough? Well, damn it. We shoved a Q&A panel with Greg Wiseman, Billy West, Tom Kane and Khary Payton into the mix. Are you happy now? Okay. We also peppered the show with lots of music. There’s stuff from OC Remix and then some fairly humorous parody stuff in here too. It’s like hanging out with some interesting friends. Really. Download this monster, pop on some headphones, and go for a walk. You’re going to be in our world for a while.

MP3(155MB): “radiodmg029.mp3


“Wafting in the Dubstep funk.”

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