100% Newsity Episode 006: “I don’t practice SOPApilla.”

The time has come to once again make horrible jokes and unleash a terrible episode onto the world! Click below for it!

In This Episode: Talk about the latest Newsity ensues for about 30 minutes.. So, to make up for that.. here are all three episodes of an ancient Snowflake Studios comic: “The Adventures of LieberMan” by Josh Nolan. Then a weird thing I made to top it off. I know we made the Sopapilla joke already. But they are too delicious to not talk about. C’mon. Honey and bread. HONEY AND BREAD!

Download the MP3(28MB):newsity006.mp3

For these comics, you may have to open them in a new tab to expand them.

Sadly, that was all that was made. Cheer up though! Here is another comic thing for you!

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