Life in Puzzle 003 – 004

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Season 1, Episode 3 & Episode 4

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Enter the Klyde!

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Author Notes: So, Tetris. Yeah, there are a lot of versions of Tetris. Apparently, they work in the GOOD Tetris. What ever that might be. Life in Puzzle Season 4 is being developed at a really brisk pace. So, I think I will speed it up a little! Instead of two comics this week, you shall get FOUR! Yes, I cut a week out of the marathon toward new content. Why? Because I love you. Probably.

Episode 3 was okay. We get a little bit of snark and then Episode 4 is when we first see Klyde. The character of Klyde is actually one of my favorite characters in the comic strip. He is the grumpy “hero” of Megalit. Sure, the Megalit character is not nearly as expressive. A few liberties were taken with the design and Klyde is given much larger eyes and no mouth. I suppose you consider Klyde to be the “HD” version of that tiny pixel character from Takara and Asmik. Klyde has a lot to do in the fourth season and we even introduce antagonistic characters. Look forward to it!


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